Thursday, May 22, 2014

“Sugar is poison”

So said my husband to me, recently. 
Methinks he’s been paying too much attention to our wheat-free co-congregant, whose mantra is “Skip the junk food and eat fruit!”  I’d love to, but there’s a limit to how much fruit I can eat, too, for, um, the usual reasons.  In fact, just a few days ago, I added dried fruit to my “can't eat” list, since it seems to have a particularly deleterious effect on my digestive system.
Nevertheless, I’ve been making serious efforts to reduce my sugar consumption.  My luck, it was just this year that I finally found, for the first time, an all-natural brand of one of my Pesach/Passover favorites, good old “fruit slices” candy.  Unfortunately, after indulging in about two boxes worth, I finally realized that, all-natural or not, “fruit slices” candy is, basically, the kasher-l’Pesach/kosher-for-Passover equivalent of jelly beans, which I gave upbecause their high sugar content was contributing to my leg crampsOff to the synagogue went the remaining box, to be “demolished” by the gang at Seudah Shlishit.  I don’t intend ever to buy “fruit slices” candy again.
I’m too much of a sugar addict to give it up altogether, but I’m renewing my resolution to be much more careful about how much sugar I eat.


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